Welcome to EZ Checks, the quick and easy way to print personal checks online. To get started, you will need to create a new account data file and enter your account information. You can then save your account data onto your device and quickly open it again the next time you need to print some checks. All account data is stored locally on your device, and there is nothing transfered to our server.

When you are ready to print your checks, you can either use plain paper or dedicated check paper. Check paper is strongly recommended. Although it is not always necessary anymore, magnetic ink is still generally recommended for check printing. EZ Checks is designed and tested to work with the following check stock papers:

It is possible that other check stock papers might work, but the above have all been tested and verified. Again, you can also print the checks straight onto plain paper if you wish. If you are not sure which paper type to choose and are only printing checks for personal (not business) use, the VersaCheck Form #3001 is your best bet.

EZ Checks is also designed to work in conjunction with EZ Register, the personal finance management application by Ape Apps. EZ Register and EZ Checks accounts can be linked, allowing you to print out and log checks directly from your EZ Register ledger.

Finally, to get the most out of EZ Checks you should consider installing it to your device as a stand alone app. EZ Checks is a progressive web app (PWA), which means it can be installed to your system and allowed to take advantage of additional features, such as file type associations, data exchange with EZ Register and more. Click Here to install EZ Checks to your device as a stand alone app.

Thank you for trying EZ Checks, and feel free to leave comments or feedback on how I can make the program even better!

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It is a good idea to utilize the Print Test Data function before making production-ready prints or after changing paper type, to make sure everything is lined up correctly. If you are printing two sided checks on plain paper, you should make sure the the printer is set to print background graphics. You should also ensure that headers and footers are disabled. The test data will cover multiple different scenarios with varying amounts of data filled in. At a minimum, you should look at the test data in the print-preview dialog to check for issues.